The current implementation of eucalypt is available in the eucalypt project and can be installed as follows.

On macOS via Homebrew

If you use homebrew, you can install using

brew install curvelogic/homebrew-tap/eucalypt

Otherwise binaries for macOS are available on the releases page.

On Linux

x86_64 binaries built in CI are available on the releases page

On Windows

Sorry, haven't got there yet. But you could try installing from source.

From source

You will need stack (which can be found in Homebrew as haskell-stack).

Build and install should be as simple as:

stack install

Testing your installation

eu --version

...prints the version:

$ eu --version
eu - Eucalypt (Haskell Impl: v0.1.1.1610)


eu --help

...shows command line help:

eu - command line interface to Eucalypt

Usage: eu [-B|--batch] ([-x|--exportType FORMAT] | [-j|--json])
          [-t|--target TARGET] [-o|--output FILENAME] [-e|--evaluate EXPRESSION]
          [-Q|--no-prelude] ([-n|--explain] | [-v|--version] |
          [-l|--list-targets] | [--dump-desugared] | [--dump-eval-subbed] |
          [--dump-cooked] | [--dump-core] | [--dump-stg] | [-H|--headless] |
          [-p|--parse]) [INPUTS...] [-d|--debug] [-L|--lib-path ARG]
  Run eucalypt transformations

Available options:
  -B,--batch               Batch (i.e. non-ergonomic) mode
  -x,--exportType FORMAT   Format for export (e.g. yaml, json)
  -j,--json                JSON output (equivalent to -x json)
  -t,--target TARGET       Target name to export (must be defined in the source)
  -o,--output FILENAME     Output file or directory to export to
  -e,--evaluate EXPRESSION Expression to evaluate and render
  -Q,--no-prelude          Don't include standard prelude
  -n,--explain             Explain command line interpretation and exit
  -v,--version             Show version information and exit
  -l,--list-targets        List declared targets
  --dump-desugared         Dump core syntax after desugar and merge
  --dump-eval-subbed       Dump core syntax after evaluand substituted in
  --dump-cooked            Dump core syntax after operator fixities have been
  --dump-core              Dump final core syntax prior to evaluation
  --dump-stg               Dump STG syntax prior to evaluation
  -H,--headless            Run evaluation without a render (for timing)
  -p,--parse               Parse program text and output AST - do not evaluate
  -d,--debug               Switch on debugging features
  -L,--lib-path ARG        Add a directory at the front of library search path
  -h,--help                Show this help text